Reiziger Root Booster


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Kelp is harvested from the cleanest tidal waters then distilled and fermented gently. The resulting highly potent broth rich in bioactive stimulants and B vitamins has the ability to produce astonishing results. In no time roots become healthy nutrient uptake is improved and plant growth and yields are maximised.

This sea borne elixir delivers profuse lateral branching combined with a superior architecture that helps eliminate brown roots protect against pathogens and ensure optimal root environments.

Activates revives and heals.

Over 30 years of leading Dutch research has perfected lateral root initiation to create Reiziger Root Booster. This extraordinary elixir stimulates new root growth reducing the growth cycle in fast growing hydroponic crop strains.

  1. Exclusive carbohydrate blend encourages rapid and more lateral root growth.
  2. Increases chlorophyll production for greener plants with accelerated growth and higher yields.
  3. Saves plants stressed by transplanting over and under watering root sickness over-fertilising etc.
  4. Germinate seeds faster by soaking in Reiziger Root Booster to soften up the seed skin.
  5. Speeds up acclimatisation and allows the plant to tolerate greater levels of coldness.

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Weight 1100 g
Dimensions 28 × 7 × 11 cm