CX Spray Safe 20ml Spotless



Use for the control of mites and for cleaning plants. Spray Safe is absolutely safe to humans and animals. There is no withholding period. It is an organic based non-toxic and highly effective alternative to toxic remedies.

In fact independent studies have shown that Spray Safe kills mites up to 30 times quicker than conventional sprays and is far more effective than any other organic product. Spray Safe is also effective for the control of aphids.

  • Best used as soon as lights have gone out, to avoid rapid evaporation. Simply mix 20ml of CX Horticulture Spotless Concentrate (one bottle) with 1 Litre of clean water and add to a spray bottle. Spray each plant ensuring complete coverage above and below the leaf. Repeat this after 3 days and again after 6 days to ensure a complete cure.

If the Mites are webbing use a coarse sprayer to penetrate the web’s, make sure you spray the undersides of leaves and right into any new growth, you may notice some leaf die back, this is normal often the leaves are already dying from the initial attack, just like fleas, mites have a cycle so it pays to spray again in 3 to 4 days to kill any new baby mites, if you have any spray left over spray your tent seems, zips, cracks and corners or your rooms corners, cracks etc and Spotless can be used right up to last day of harvest.

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Weight 50 g
Dimensions 7 × 3 × 3 cm