Athena PK




Athena PK: The Bloom-Boosting Solution for High-Yielding Plants

Athena PK is a balanced and clean liquid bloom booster specially designed to supplement your plants with essential nutrients during the mid- to late-flowering stage. Enriched with the perfect amount of Phosphorus and Potassium, Athena PK ensures optimal flowering conditions while minimising potential growth problems related to nutrient imbalances. Experience the benefits of increased essential oil and terpene production, resulting in enhanced plant aroma and taste.

Features and Benefits

  • Efficient Nutrient Delivery: Athena PK delivers carefully balanced Phosphorus and Potassium directly to your plants during their crucial flowering phase, stimulating robust and healthy blooms.
  • Low Nitrogen Formula: Unlike some bloom boosters, Athena PK is formulated with low Nitrogen content to ensure proper bioavailability of Calcium and Magnesium, preventing potential nutrient lockouts.
  • Superior Plant Performance: By complementing your Bloom fertilisers with Athena PK, you’ll see increased essential oil and terpene production, leading to a more aromatic and flavourful harvest.
  • Consistent Results: Athena PK is designed to provide consistent, predictable results when used according to the recommended application rates during the flowering phase of plant growth.
  • Wide Range of Applications: Suitable for application in various growing setups, including hydroponic, soilless, and soil-based environments.

How to Use

  1. Shake the Athena PK bottle well before use to ensure the nutrients are uniformly mixed.
  2. Add Athena PK according to the recommended application rates: 3-10 mL per gallon of water, starting in week 3 of the flowering phase.
  3. Blend your plant nutrients solution and ensure the Electrical Conductivity (EC) is within the desired range for your crop and growth stage.
  4. Adjust the pH of the nutrient solution to the optimal levels for your plants, after mixing all fertilisers and additives.
  5. Apply the nutrient solution to your plants according to your regular watering schedule.

Additional information

Weight 4600 g
Dimensions 18 × 11 × 29 cm