Athena Cleanse




Effortlessly Clean Your Root Zone with Athena Cleanse

Keep your root zone and irrigation systems clean and efficient using Athena Cleanse, a plant-safe and non-toxic solution. It is formulated from Hypochlorous acid, a mild yet powerful acid derived from salt using a special electrochemical process. Athena Cleanse removes unwanted organic and mineral buildup while reducing mineral scale, ensuring a healthy root zone for your plants.

Features and Benefits

  • Non-toxic and non-nutritive: Safe for plants at any stage of growth
  • Descaling and decomposition: Breaks down mineral buildup and organic matter in irrigation systems
  • Final flush effectiveness: Removes mineral scale from growing media and irrigation lines
  • Low TDS: Doesn’t affect the mineral balance of your plants
  • Keeps irrigation systems clean: Prolong the efficiency of your irrigation systems
  • Reduces mineral buildup: Prevents plant health problems caused by mineral deficiencies

How to Use

  1. System Maintenance: Regularly maintain your irrigation systems with a dilute mixture of 2-5 mL per gallon of water for longevity and optimal function.
  2. Severe Conditions: Increase the rate to 5-10 mL per gallon of water for extreme reservoir and growing media conditions.
  3. Cuttings/Clones: Dip fresh cuttings in a solution of Athena Cleanse (10 mL per gallon) to improve cell health and immunity. This leads to vigorous plant growth with bright white and healthy roots.
  4. RDWC and Other Recirculating Hydroponics Systems: Use Athena Cleanse to remove mineral residue and reduce scale in deep water culture and recirculating irrigation systems, preventing anaerobic microbial growth and biofilm buildup.
  5. Media/System Flush: Mix Athena Cleanse at a rate of 5-10 mL per gallon of water during the final flush stage to reduce residual mineral buildup in the growing media. This procedure can be used at any time during the plant’s life cycle.
  6. Foliar Applications: Mix 375 mL Cleanse per gallon of water and spray evenly. Test on a small area first to ensure no damage.
  7. Surface Treatment/Cleaning: Spray cultivation surfaces, work areas, and equipment with a diluted solution of Athena Cleanse (375 mL per gallon) for a clean and trouble-free environment without toxic chemicals.

Additional information

Weight 4100 g
Dimensions 18 × 11 × 29 cm