Cann fan 200mm Cann Filter 1500/200



Cann fan 200 800 M3 per hour and 1500 m3 of air scrubbed per hour. Suits 12 x 2.4 x 2 grow room

The Can-Filter® Can-Lite™ 1500 comes in 200mm and 250mm and is a meticulously designed carbon filter crafted especially for spaces ranging from small to mid-sized. Its construction and features offer optimal air purification and ease of use. Here are its standout features:
High-Quality Carbon: The Can-Lite™ filter boasts 100% Australian granulated-carbon, a type known for its exceptional adsorptive properties. This ensures efficient removal of contaminants and odors from the air.

Durable Construction: The filter is fitted with an aluminum top and bottom, which not only lends to its durability but also ensures longevity.

Integrated Flange: The integrated flange simplifies the installation process and ensures a snug fit in various ventilation systems.

Open Perforation: A unique feature of the Can-Lite™ is its 51% open perforation. This design ensures maximum airflow and optimal contact with the carbon, leading to effective purification.

Variety of Sizes: To cater to diverse needs, the Can-Lite™ filter is available in 12 different sizes. This range can accommodate airflows (measured in Cubic Feet per Minute or CFM) from as low as 89 to as high as 3000.

Quality Assurance: Each Can-Lite™ filter is assembled with precision at a dedicated carbon filter plant located in Vancouver, Washington, USA. This ensures that each unit meets the highest standards of quality and performance.

Outside Diameter: 300mm
Max Flow Rate: 1500 m³/h
Length: 750mm
Total Weight: 15.5kg
Thickness of Carbon Bed: 50mm
Installation Direction: Universal
Activated Carbon Type: CKG 48
Max. Operating Temp: 80ºC
Max. Relative Humidity: 70%
Housing: Steel