Mountain Air 315mm EC fan x 1000mm high 315mm carbon filter



Introducing the EC Suppressor Fan by Mountain Air – the ultimate solution for peak power and silent execution. With its turbine-style inlet and dual impeller design, this fan ensures efficient cooling while maintaining a quiet operation. The fan comes equipped with overvoltage/current protection and blockage protection, providing safe and reliable operation. The noise-dampening structure further enhances its silent performance. And that’s not all – all Mountain Air fans come with a speed controller, giving you complete control over the fan’s speed.
Fan size: 315mm

Dimensions: 394mm x 982mm

Weight: 20.0kg

Power: 320W

Max. Airflow: 2987m³/h

Max. Static Pressure: 677Pa

Max. Speed: 3000RPM

Noise Range: 0-73dBA

IP Rating: IPX4

Insulation: Class A

Mountain Air Filters are long lasting and effective, removing 100% of malodorous volatile compounds for up to 3 years. The durable casing contains machine-packed high grade activated carbon. The carbon granules are non-uniform in shape, guaranteeing a tortuous route for air passing through the carbon bed. Every molecule is thus exposed to the carbon so that there is no escape for odours. The tight, even packing of the carbon ensures complete odour capture throughout the carbon bed over the lifetime of the filter.

Key selling points:
Excellent air volume throughput
Low noise due to muffled design
Total capture of malodorous volatile compounds
Exceptionally long working life

Technical Specifications:
Neck (duct) diameter: 315 mm (12”)
Body length 1000 mm (39.4”)
Nominal air passage capacity 3500 m³/hr (123600 cu.ft./]hr)
Maximum ambient humidity: 80% RH

Q: How can I best ensure that my filter work effectively for a long time?
A: The best way to keep your filter working 100% effectively for longer is to choose a filter with a greater air capacity (m³/hr) than your extraction system will deliver. This allows the air to pass through the filter at a slower speed, ensuring total odour capture, and the carbon bed will remain effective for longer.