Seahawk Clone Station 24


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The Seahawk Clone Station is a compact 24 site aeroponic propagator with a clear humidity dome. It is designed for quick and easy cloning of up to 24 cuttings in a tiny footprint. See roots within 3 days and be ready to transplant in 5 days. This budget aeroponic machine consistently outperforms more expensive units!

Protip: For best results, dip cuttings into Clonex before carefully insert them into the reusable neoprene sleeves.

Seahawk Clone Station Includes:

  • Flexible Humidity Dome
  • Base Tub
  • Tub Lid
  • Water Pump
  • Spray Manifold
  • Coloured Neoprene Disks
  • Spare Mister Jets
  • Velcro Tabs
  • Instructions

Additional information

Weight 3000 g
Dimensions 42 × 31 × 20 cm