House and Garden Drip Clean 1Ltr


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House & Garden Drip Clean is an extremely useful agent for anyone working with drip irrigation systems or gravity feed systems (e.g. Auto pots IWS Dripper systems). Drip Clean works as a magnet removing any dirt particles from your piping with every nutrient feeding so that the pipes stay open and clean. Furthermore Drip Clean gives your plants a boost improving their greenness and vitality. Drip Clean can be used to keep pot systems in perfect nutrient balance and reduce the need for flushing.




House & Garden Drip Clean is a 100% safe agent providing it is used in the right proportion. Drip Clean contains potassium and phosphors compounds two very powerful and useful elements in the nutritional plan of the plant. These two compounds have had their chemical molecules changed to remove one of their structures. This makes the molecule into a kind of magnet as molecules always try to complete themselves. Drip clean attracts dirt particles with every feeding keeping the drip system clean. Drip Clean can also be used to keep your medium at an optimal EC-TDS level saving you to flush as often as it will remove salt buildup. Drip clean never fails and is very effective against clogged dripper systems and piping.

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