Fohse ARIES 640W


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The Aries by Fohse

The most powerful and efficient commercial LED grow light the world has ever seen… now re-imagined for the home grow.

640W, 3-spectrum Home Grow LED Grow Light

Introducing the Aries by Fohse, the first fixture offered exclusively for the home grower. The most powerful and most efficient grow light the world has ever seen –  Every Aries comes with all the setup components you need to start achieving your best harvests to date.

Unrivaled Efficiency

To keep energy costs manageable, you need a fixture that maximizes watt-to-photon conversion. The Aries operates at a remarkable PPE OF 3.0 – 3.3 μMOL/JOULE depending on what spectrum and brightness you choose with your Fohse Central Control unit.

Make a Friend Out of Heat

Unlike obsolete plasma grow lights the Aries has no ‘Infrared Spike’ in its spectrum, meaning drastically less heat radiating down on your canopy.


Without the IR Spike cooking your upper canopy, you’ll need far less cooling to compensate in order to keep your LSTs in an optimal range.


A reduction in radiative heat and chilled air compensation makes for a much more even temperature throughout your upper to lower canopy.


  • Light source: Samsung LEDs
  • PPF: 1,920 μMol/s
  • Fixture Efficacy (100% – 50% power): 3.01 – 3.30 μMol/J
  • Input power: 640W
  • Input voltage: Options up to 480V
  • Fixture dimensions: 33L x 33W x 4.25H in
  • Weight: 34 lbs
  • Thermal management: Passive
  • BTUs / hour: 2,183
  • Dimming: 30%
  • Lens angle: 100°
  • CRI: 92
  • Control interface: Wall-mounted OLED panel (sold seperately)
  • L90: 50,000 hours
  • Power supply rating: 100,000 hours
  • Certifications: IP67
  • Communication protocol: CAN or BACNet
  • Mounting: Universal Hanging

Additional information

Weight 16000 g
Dimensions 90 × 90 × 13 cm