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The most popular Hydroponics book in circulation. Integral Hydroponics……Turn on the lights! Do you want to dramatically increase yields? Learn the principles behind high yield plant growth. Unlock the genetic potential of your crop through understanding what the experts already understand. Integral Hydroponics provides you with the keys to unlocking premium yields time after time after time. You no longer need to learn by trial and error. You no longer have to wade through often contradictory advice given to you by well-meaning friends and/or associates. You no longer have to aspire to achieve yields that you could only dream of. They are achievable. Integral Hydroponics was first published in 2002. It has since become the bible for the hydroponics retail industry. This makes ‘Integral Hydroponics’ the book that growers love and the one the professionals recommend. This speaks volumes about the quality of this text. Quite simply Integral Hydroponics is the best! Gain years of knowledge that is based on sound horticultural theory and practice. Everything you need to know in a simple (user friendly) book

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