AC Infinity controlled 2.4 x 1.2 grow tent kit



This is the ultimate environmentally controlled room with the latest AC infinity LEDs and equipment to provide the perfect temp/humidity mix for each stage of your plants life. Dial in the AC infinity controller 69 pro to achieve ideal VPD from seedling to mature flowering plant.
This amazing AC Infinity grow room kit includes.
Lighting: 2 x 730W AC Infinity Ionframe Evo8 LED
Air circulation/Carbon filter: AC Infinity T8 air filtration pro 200 mm kit including the “BRAIN” the AC Infinity 69 pro controller.
3 x 50ltr pots and associated plumbing for a run to waste coco system
Water control made easy with BLUELAB pH pen and Truncheon with air pump and stones.
Growing environment is kept within range with the AC Infinity Cloudray S6 clip on fans with 10 speed plus the unique breeze option plus 10 x various oscillating directions.
VPD and humidity is controlled by the AC Infinity Cloudforge T7 15lt plant humidifier. Hot dry summers and low yields are a thing of the past with this technology.
3 x CANNA coco bags, 5ltr CANNA Coco nutrient.
Scrogg netting to keep contol of your explosive plant growth.
All in a grow room of 1.2w x 2.4 long and 2m high