9 x 50L pots plus 9 x 600 watt Electronic ballasts air cooled shades with filter kit




All our kits are designed by our clients for clients.

  • 3m L x 3m W x 2m H grow room with window
  • 9 x 50ltr double potted 50ltr pot system with all plumbing and socks
  • 9 x 600watt digital ballasts
  • 9 x air cooled shades including Lucagrow globe
  • Filter kit
  • Timer 12 x out + 4 x live single phase for lights
  • Easy adjustable Light hangers
  • Whisper Silencer 250mm Filter fan and 1m Cann Filter with 250mm duct Y joiner + 150mm duct.
  • 200ltr tank with Pump and JBL heavy duty timer.
  • Air stone Kit- adds oxygen for tank.
  • Canna Coco Medium
  • PH Electronic Lab tester with Bluelab Truncheon nutrient tester.
  • Stand for pots

$1 500 Discount

All these systems are turnkey systems. Ready to run

For Extreme Yields add pictured Co2 Complete Kit for $1 200

For automated PH Control add pictured Bluelab PH Controller for $650

Please call for freight charges

Additional information

Weight 50000 g
Dimensions 90 × 90 × 90 cm