CX Regen a Root



Use for correcting poor root growth & preventing root disease Do you know how many diseases are waiting to attack the roots of your hydroponic crop? In addition there are several others which are less common but nevertheless very dangerous if they infect your crop. Pythium is the most commonly found root disease in both hydroponic systems and in the soil. The symptoms are quite specific. If the plant’s roots go brown and smelly and the plants wilt when the lights are on then you are probably dealing with Pythium. Stress situations can occur at any time but flowering is always a stressful situation and is the time that disease is the most likely to get the upper hand. This occurs also because the plant’s energies are going into flowering and root growth tends to be limited to replacement of dead roots only.

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Weight 1150 g
Dimensions 8 × 25 × 8 cm

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