Ozi tonic



Ozi Tonic is a concentrated blend of mineral salts and organic compounds that include soluble seaweed beeswax extract humic & fulvic acid and plant extracts. There are higher levels of beeswax extract in Ozi Tonic compared to Monsta Bud making it a better product to use in the final weeks before harvest. Ozi Tonic has been scientifically blended and contains 80 different organic compounds designed to promote root growth nutrient uptake and increased flower development. Along with Monsta Bud it is one of the most popular organic flowering boosters on the market. It adds flavour and aroma to flowers and fruit and increases essential oil content in herbs like Rosemary and Lavender. Ozi Tonic is safe to use as either a nutrient additive or as a nutrient in hydroponic systems or organic gardening. Use at the rate of 10mls per litre as a nutrient and 5mls per litre as an additive. It can also be used with Monsta Bud in the final weeks of flowering as a 50:50 mix.

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Weight 6000 g
Dimensions 33 × 19 × 13 cm

1lt, 5lt, 25lt