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Taking over the business in 2004 our staff has provided outstanding reputation for product knowledge, experience, integrity and friendly service, which has quickly grown our business by word of mouth.

We sell and recommend only top products at the right price to assist you with the growth of your plants.

GrowRoom Australia

Our Latest Products

  • Canna Coco Cube


  • Lumatek LED 465w 4 Pot kit


  • GT Foliar Focus 1lt


  • LED Grow Light [1000W] Lumatek Zeus Xtreme PPFD CO2


  • Lumatek 600w LED 4 pot kit


  • Flood and Drain 600mm x 600mm


  • Deep Water Culture DWC 1 pot kit


  • 2 x 1500mm NFT System


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If you are experienced or a beginner, operating a full-service hydroponic greenhouse or growing hydroponic herbs on the windowsill of your apartment. We have what you need from additives, supplements, organic and hydroponics nutrients, a full range of bulbs and complete grow light systems. Co2 gas systems and other cutting edge products to maximize yields.